Kazak Rugs

Kazak Rugs

Kazak rugs are generally referred to Caucasian style rugs that have more geometric or tribal patterns. Kazak rugs are typically bold, strongly geometric rugs, woven in brilliant colors. Kazak rugs are hand-woven with 100% wool in Pakistan. Some Kazak rugs are also made in Iran, India and Afghanistan.

At Azad’s Oriental Rug Emporium, we provide you the best quality rugs. Dr. Reza Azad has a doctorate in Persian art and is thoroughly qualified to provide you with an accurate appraisal for your exquisite rugs. Our aim is to provide only the best carpets and rugs to our customers.

We also provide precise rugs cleaning and carpet restoration services led by Dr. Azad. We know exactly how to clean and restore your rug in order to preserve or rejuvenate your rug’s beauty. We also provide carpets pick-up and delivery services.

Our Services includes the following:
Rug cleaning in Maryland
Persian rug repair
Rug cleaning in Alexandria VA
Carpet cleaning in MD
Carpet cleaning in Washington

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